Natalie Smyth, Bsc Health Science (Naturopathy) Naturopath & Registered Yoga Practitioner. 

Natalie is a passionate Naturopath, intertwining Functional Medicine, mindfulness, and yoga philosophy. With a previous life in the corporate world, Natalie understands setting realistic achievable goals to achieve whole health.


Natalie was at the forefront of initiating a wellness program for Discovery Networks to become the healthiest company to work for in Britain. As well as Natalie's  training in mindfulness under the world-renowned Thich Nhat Hanh assist her innate ability to heal, empathise, and offer solutions to various clients. 


​She looks at every person as a unique bio individual, addressing the underlying root causes of health problems and is trained to understand how nutrients and other food components influence the function of the body. Thereby protecting against disease, restore health, and determine people’s response to changes in the environment. Food is our fuel: nourishes us down to our biochemistry, it unlocks our creativity, influences our mood, it grounds and connects us back to nature, as well as connecting us to our community.


She has run retreats in Eco Camps in the UK, Portugal, Brazil and Australia. As well as mentoring with pioneers in the healing arts, since she was 15 years old in Australia & the US. 



Feel confident

Relaxed & calm

Clarity of mind

Physically strong

Achieve this with Natalie's classes. 

Currently offering Private and Corporate Yoga therapy. 

We offer our full range of services for businesses, and tailor programs to your needs.


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Tel: +44 (0)7984 074133
E: natalie@ec1house.com


" I thought I was coming in for a nutrition consultation. What I got was like a 10 year therapy session in our initial meeting. Natalie's wisdom, knowledge and patience should be highly acclaimed." 

Ashleigh / West End Performer

"Every session with Natalie is inspiring and leaves you with a sense of inner peace. Her soothing voice and knowledge she passes onto us is amazing. Every session includes a variety from asanas to meditation, mudras, pranayama, wisdom from India, always something new to learn. The spirit, the mind and the body are well nourished after a session with Natalie. I am looking forward to new workshops with Natalie to nourish my soul and rediscover myself. Thank you Natalie for sharing so much knowledge that will stay with me forever."

Deborah / Media Specialist 

"Natalie, my favourite yoga teacher. Her classes are unique and special, and by her beautiful voice. It is magical. I loved it too much so I kept coming back to her class. I wish I could practice with her everyday! I don't get satisfy with all yoga classes I go, I always miss Natalie's class! She is very talented, she has lots of knowledge! I even asked her to open her school! I can't wait until she does! I would love to learn everything from her. We should share that then we could make this world more beautiful. She knows not only yoga but also health, nutrition, reiki, how to be happy, be kind, be grateful... all the things which are most important for our lives. 

She heals me at every her class. She makes people feel good always, which is not easy :) For me, she is a one of the best teacher in the world. 

I really admire her, not only she is an amazing yoga teacher but a beautiful person! She brings us special energy as if she were sunshine. 

I am so grateful to meet her. "

Kumi/ Chef & food designer