One common theme amongst those that live a life of longevity… disease and ailment free, is DAILY MOVEMENT. Staying active physically and mentally, supports our intellectual, emotional, and motor functions of the body.


Taking note of the the effects that our modernised lives have caused to our bodies, starts to bring about this awareness. 


Chairs, pavement, stairs, and cars all represent the progression toward minimisation of movement. Using a chair rather than squatting is devastating to your flexibility and posture. 

Walking on even pavement rather than uneven rocky ground is numbing to your balance and agility. 

Walking up stairs rather than climbing trees or traversing steep hills deprives us of a challenge to our strength and power. 

Riding in cars rather than walking or running removes an opportunity to develop our speed and endurance.


To really master implementing movement we need to build intelligent movement with ample variety into our everyday lives to stave off atrophy of our muscles and a decline in their various abilities. With the ultimate goal, of being the absolute best versions of ourselves. To look and feel good, support brain health and cognition, and balancing our stress response signals.


One particularly exciting evolution in science. Is any type of movement is one of the most potent ways to change your genes. Essentially meaning, when you exercise you literally exercise your genes. 


Aerobic exercise in particular not only turns on genes linked to longevity, but also targets the BDNF gene, your brains growth hormone, which creates neuroplasticity within your brain. 

More specifically, exercise has been shown to increase BDNF, reverse memory decline in elderly humans and actually increase growth of new brain cells in the brains memory centre. 


Exercise appears to build a brain that resists physical shrinkage and enhances cognitive flexibility. 

Make the commitment to yourself, to incorporate MOVEMENT as a part of your life. I hope these tips help you find new ways to move your body and calm your mind that you truly enjoy, giving you a boost of fun and whole-body health all at once.


Ways to Move More Intelligently and More Often: 


  • Mindful movement: Even slow and mindful practices like yoga and tai chi, additionally benefit our body through decreases in blood pressure, body mass index, and even cholesterol. 

  • + Seek opportunities to move in varied ways and environments.

  • + Challenge your body enough to create a response but not too much that it breaks it down.

  • + Walk more, squat more, and move in nature more.