Natalie's yoga journey

Natalie’s yoga journey started in early adolescence, with a vivid picture of mummy doing handstand on the sheepskin 😃  (a typical 90’s scene in Australia). As well as her surfing friends,  practicing yoga to build strength in their shoulders and practice their breath with meditation to withstand the force of the waves in surfing. 

At 15 yrs her life changed when she walked into the studios of Peace Yoga practicing over the ocean, guided by the light of the moon. 

Those memories of yoga stuck with Natalie and often came to her in crossroads of her life, like philosophy of naturopathy did. 

With regular practice and support Natalie was slowly able to rest her mind, and overcome paralysing anxiety and find another option outside of antidepressants, of which she had been prescribed from 11 - 23 years old. 

As London life took a hold, she lost her yoga practice. She couldn't find the nourishing loving space, that she longed for like Peace Yoga. 

Natalie never wanted to be a yoga "teacher", but wanted to delve deeper into the ancient philosophy and learn of the tools for self mastery that she has seen transform so many lives, as well as her own. She also felt something was missing in her Naturopathic Clinic, to help her clients adapt to stress. As science is slowly confirming  the root of nearly all chronic disease in the Western World is stress, due to our slow but progressive evolution to adapt to the modern world.

The tools of yoga science help us to master the game of life, whether your initial focus is to strengthen your body, or transcend your mind, Yoga encompasses everything and meets you where you are. 

Throughout our lives, different teachers present themselves at different times, but only when we’re ready. Finally 12 years on; Natalie was finally ready to train under Amrita Doreena Scales at Peace Yoga. And teaching, is what she was born to do. 

Now, Natalie can finally say she’s actually free. Free from the bondage of expectations. With a daily practice and acknowledgement of the whole science of yoga…. has Natalie finally been able to embrace living creatively. 

She hopes to leave you feeling nourished, and empowered in your own self awareness, leaving the class with courage ready to face any obstacles that come your way, and notice the beauty of everything on your path.  

From my heart to yours, 














Whether you're seeking specific attention for your physical alignment, feeling intimated by a group yoga class, have a specific health condition that you'd like yoga support with, or wanting to acquire the motivation to have a daily practice beyond the asana . A private yoga class is the perfect place to start. Natalie will work with you and your physical, emotional and overall health goals to formulate a daily practice, addressing: 

  • Tailored pranayama breathing techniques

  • Short take-home yoga sequence specifically designed to suit your needs

  • Guided deep progressive body relaxation

  • A practice designed to overcome stress and anxiety, or other concerns 

  • Developing a daily practice -  A Happiness Guide 


Pregnancy is an ideal opportunity to start Yoga. Yoga leads to a deeper awareness of the body, mind and breath and helps to bring more strength and openness into the body. The exercises in the personal prenatal classes are adapted to the individual and particular circumstances. The focus is on what the body needs for proper preparation for the birth. Yoga helps to experience the changes in pregnancy consciously and joyfully.



Natalie also runs regular Yoga Workshops.  Or if you' d like to get in touch for Workshop collaborations, please get in touch

Brain Yoga:

A compilation of simple postures, breathing techniques and meditations, the yogis believe that these exercise not only increases blood flow to the brain but also enhances overall cognitive function and stimulates proper function of the endocrine system.

Kids Yoga:

Fun and healthy, promoting children's self esteem and respect for themselves and others. Together we explore and practice the yogic postures and breathing through play. 

Regular Stretching and breath awareness from a young age will set the foundation for a flexible body, and healthy unrestricted life. 

Tantra Rejuvenation program: 

Yoga is the science of expanding your consciousness. Tantra is a path to finding who you really are. It teaches that every human being is on a spiritual path even though many of us are asleep to it. Through regular practice of this ancient art, the ego starts to dissolve and you are left with who you really are. 

Yoga Nidra: 

Is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the "going-to-sleep" stage. 

They say that in our general 8 hours of sleep, we only spend 40 mins in Delta (deep sleep), when the ancient rishis, only needed maximum 3 hrs of sleep to feel rejuvenated, when they practice Yoga Nidra. 

A deeply relaxing nourishing guided practice, for when you need to recharge back to your essence. 


Meditation teaches us to watch the thousands of thoughts created by our mind and not judge or be attached to one…just as we are not fixed on one drop of water as we observe the peaceful flow of a river. With practice, you will arrive at a clear and serene space inside you where you can begin to know your true nature.